I am Chen Levkovich, I live in Tel Aviv, Israel.

When I lived outside of Israel, I found it hard to write emails in Hebrew. Most places do not have support for non Latin based languages. In the beginning I created the website Mikledet.com for Hebrew, but since Hebrew and Arabic are so similar, and especially with all the right to left stuff, I converted the website for Arabic, and here it is http://muftah-alhuruf.com

Well, I do not speak Arabic, so I needed some help, I would like to thank Ibrahim Adele who helped me a lot.

E.T. many many thanks (hey man that are your initials!).

I know Israelis and Arabs don't get a long much this days, so may this website will bring some peace, Inshala Amen.

You can check one of my other products:

So don't hesitate to send me questions
Chen Levkovich